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National Realty Holdings, is proud to annouce they have joined forces with Twin Cities Rent 2 Own

Twincitiesrent2own is a Real Estate Brokerage focused on meeting the challenges of today’s Real Estate market with non-traditional solutions. Our laser focus is on matching Sellers unable to sell with Buyers unable to buy. Today’s Real Estate market has not only been a challenge for Sellers, but also Buyers. The mortgage pendulum has swung far to the opposite side now, making it difficult for many Buyers with sound financials to acquire a mortgage to purchase a home. The days of anyone being able to qualify for a mortgage are gone, contributing to the difficulties Sellers are having.
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We specialize in pairing our market challenged Sellers with our mortgage challenged Buyers via a “Rent 2 Own” Sale. This creates a win for our Sellers, as they now have a viable transaction that likely increases their net profit over a traditional sale, as well as increases their cash flow. This is also a win for our Buyers, as they are able to secure a property for purchase at the same time they are working to acquire a mortgage for a successful close on the property. This is a Win/Win which is challenging to accomplish in today’s Real Estate market.

The TwinCitiesRent2Own team roster is made up of two former Mortgage Brokers, one Realtor, one Real Estate Broker, and two Real Estate Investors. As a team, we have over 35 years of experience and we have successfully closed thousands of transactions. In the last 3 years alone, we as a team have closed hundreds of non-traditional sales creating successful outcomes for those who previously felt their situation was hopeless.

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Feel like everyone on your block is selling?  Renting can be a viable option to selling in a down market.  Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Don’t think you can buy a home, contact us about our rent to own program

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